My Journey With Personal Growth

I am utterly convinced that if a critical mass of people read the following books, practiced implementing the lessons daily in community with others, we would live in a radically transformed world within one generation.  It isn’t easy, but it is worth it.

Every time I have experienced a challenge in my life, a clear answer of guidance has been found in one of these books.  Implementing the lesson often solves the problem and takes me to the next level of contribution in my life.

I believe these are some of the most important books ever written in history.  Out of the 100’s of books I have read, these are the top 20  or so that I believe contribute most profoundly to an ecstatically meaningful, joyful, and significant existence.

My Favorite Personal Development Resources

Sanaya Roman

All Around Spiritual Growth

These are some of the best books I have read on anything ever.  Sanaya Roman is a self-described channel who has written some of the most profound books on human empowerment I have ever read in my life.  Every year I re-read these books and am astounded by their compassion, clarity, and profundity.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Success Philosophy

Fundamentals of Success and Leadership