Become an Unstoppable Force Of Positive Change

Become an Unstoppable Force Of Positive Change


Short Description of the Product


Overcome Mental Obstacles to
Manifesting Your Unique Greatness!

Package Includes:
  • 4 Lectures
  • 7 Coaching Calls.

Module 1: Overcome Mental Habits That Sustain Self-Doubt

  • Learn the deep causes of self-doubt and transform them into empowering opportunities.
  • Cut through mental habits that sustain self-doubts and obscure your confident, strong, dignified nature.
  • Find the beauty underneath your doubts and integrate this beauty into more


Module 2: Cultivate Unconditional Confidence by Embracing All Your Emotions.

  • Deeply connect with your truth by distinguishing  feelings from pseudo-feelings.
  • Learn 2 powerful frame shifts that allow emotions to become friends instead of foes.
  • Learn why “fear of the unknown” is an inadequate explanation for our experience and how to relate to fear in an empowering way.


Module 3:  Reveal the Empowerment Opportunities Underneath Obstacles and Pain-Beliefs.

Forest LEaves
  • Learn how empathic connection directly expands your capacity to make an impact and do what you love.
  • Create huge shifts in your experience of connection by empathizing with core beliefs instead of simply empathizing with a person’s experience.
  • Use self-empathy to increase your capacity to honor your experience and choicefully transcend limiting beliefs.

Module 4: Transcend Excuses and Unconditionally Create What You Want

  • Honor your Power by distinguishing between honoring your current limits and sustaining limits unnecessarily through excuses.
  • Learn how to befriend your resistance and take full responsibility for creating the life you want.
  • Integrate the inner-rebel and the inner-submitter by creating the conditions of your full hearted “yes”

Module 5: Receive Everything You Need to Give Your Gifts Fully

  • Transcend your resistance to allowing yourself to receive what you need to manifest your Vision.
  • Distinguish learned helplessness from receiving support and take fuller responsibility for creating what you want.


Module 6: Stand in Your Authentic Confidence as Your Beauty is Received and Nurtured

  • Confidently receive feedback from others gracefully no matter how they share it.
  • Transcend separating core stories that you are misunderstood and unseen by others and embrace all of the parts of yourself.
  • Learn and grow consistently into your best Self with others as your collaborators.


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