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My Mission:

Help empower teenagers to successfully manifest their greatness as a gift to the world.

Founder: Deep Test Prep

College Prep - Master The SAT

College Stock

Help your high schooler set up success habits for life, get scholarships, excel academically, and get into their target reach schools.

SAT Courses, one-on-one tutoring, meditations, and more!
Suited for High Schoolers (Freshmen-Seniors)

Graduate Debt-Free!

Get a head start on your success by graduating with savings in the bank instead of tens of thousands of dollars of debt.  Learn how high-school planning can set you up for success for the rest of your life.

Life Coaching for Teens

We all want the younger generation to experience financial security, joy, and fulfillment.  However, many advisors fall into the trap of advising students to follow supposedly lucrative careers instead of truly finding where future demand will meet student interests and talents.  I help students begin the personal development journey NOW to stand out and find many paths that can bring them financial security, fulfillment, and joy.

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Upcoming Book: The Art of Natural Excellence

The Lost Arts of Natural Learning

The Art of Nurturing Polymathic Intelligence

This book attempts to help re-sensitize us to the mystery of being alive and in so doing help us tap into our innate curiosity, creative genius, and inherent greatness.

Through this journey, we become life-long learners and instill that passion for learning into the next generation through a mutually joyful exploration of the magnificent world outside of us, between us, and within us.